Get rewarded for recycling your trainers with LØCI Renew.

Recycle your old trainers with LØCI Renew and unlock a world of possibilities while making a positive impact on the environment. With this innovative initiative, not only do you get to bid farewell to those worn-out shoes, but you also earn money towards your next purchase. 

Not only does recycling help reduce waste in landfills, but it also allows you to contribute to the circular economy seamlessly.

Make a difference

At LØCI we’re extremely cautious about the materials we use and where they’re sourced, and we’re looking to our customers to support us in sourcing and repurposing old, unused trainers to be given another life, as part of another, brand new and completely recyclable and renewable trainer.

Our newest initiative, LØCI Renew, lets our customers recycle their trainers and earn money off towards their next purchase. Give your trainers a second life and help support the planet.

A win for the planet, and a win for our customers.

How does it work?

  1. Enter the LØCI Renew portal through the link below
  2. Add the trainers you would like to recycle and include some product information (brand, condition, etc.)
  3. Add in your contact information and details
  4. Download the QR code for use in any Royal Mail (UK), USPS (US) or DHL Service Point (Rest of the World)
  5. Drop the parcel off at your nearest drop-off location.

It really is that simple! Thanks for helping us on our mission.