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Every LØCI product is meticulously crafted with a commitment to environmental consciousness. Our array of canvas trainers are woven from recycled ocean plastic sourced from the Mediterranean Sea, with our bio-leather range presenting a superior and eco-friendly alternative to traditional animal leather. The road to maximising our impact is never-ending.


Plastic re-born. We use ocean and land-bound plastic to create our collection of canvas trainers to give new life to discarded plastic. Every pair is made with 20 recycled bottles sourced from the Mediterranean and the coast of Africa. Each piece of plastic is sheared, bonded and crafted to ensure the highest quality materials are used in every item we make.

Bio Leather

LØCI's bio-leather is our newest material to the market, containing a unique blend of recycled textiles and non-food grade corn.

As part of our commitment to introducing new materials that are 100% vegan and offer a superior offering to animal-based products, our bio-based "leather" polymer material blended from corn waste offers an alternative.

Natural Cork Insoles

A first-to-market, our natural cork insoles mould and adapt to your feel, making your LØCI one of one. Our hypoallergenic cork insole means you can run the city with the ultimate comfort.

Recycled Foam

Every LØCI insole is made using recycled foam to ensure cushioned support on every step. The foam is also inserted in the midsole construction, providing additional structural durability.

Recycled Bamboo Lining

From heel to toe the LØCI trainers are made up entirely of recycled and repurposed material and our inner lining is no different. A blend of recycled nylon and bamboo make up the interior of the silhouette offering a breathable cushion for every pair.

Outer Detailing

Every element of every style is meticulously designed to be made with the most ecologically friendly materials, from the recycled brass eyelets to the recycled laces, every element matters.

Recycled Rubber Sole

We use the largest amount of recycled rubber recommended in every sole to ensure the best balance of durability and environmentally friendly materials. It’s not perfect, but we're not done yet.