Recycled Ocean Plastic Textiles

With every step you take in LØCIs, the world takes one giant leap towards a plastic-free future. Our sneakers are made with recycled ocean and African coast plastic – so when your feet hit the pavement, we work to keep 20 bottles from reaching our beautiful planet!

Our sustainability mission starts right at our doorstep. We collect mixed plastic and put it through a transformation process of shearing, bonding and crafting within the factory walls to create an innovative fabric with superior durability - not only is this material brimful of eco-benefits but also produces sleek sneakers that you won't find anywhere else!

Bio Leather

LØCI's Bio Leather is our newest material to the market, containing a unique blend of recycled textiles and non-food grade corn waste.

LØCI's mission has always been to find the most ecological replacement for leather, and this new innovative bio-based polymer material built from corn waste helps create our very own super fabric, without poisoning the planet with new plastics.

Join us in ditching animal hide as you freshen up your sneaker game with biodegradable water resistant bio leather. Enjoy your LØCI guarantee for a sneaker not only stronger than animal leather, but also easy-wash as you keep your kicks box-fresh for longer!

Natural Cork Insoles

As you get set to lace up your LØCI's the first thing you'll notice is our signature cork interior, providing exceptional grip and comfort as your shoe adapts and moulds to your feet, making your LØCI one of one.

The hypoallergenic insole means you can stomp in style, worry free that the soft to the touch insole is going to get you wherever you step in maximum style, and ultimate comfort.

Recycled Foam

Alongside natural cork, your LØCI insole also consists of recycled foam ensuring structural support for each and every stride.

Recycled foam is also utilisted in the midsole, giving you an eco-conscious spring to your step whilst maintaining optimal durability.

Recycled Bamboo Lining

From heel to toe the LØCI sneakers are made up entirely of recycled or repurposed material and the inner lining is no different. A blend of recycled nylon and bamboo make up the interior of the silhouette offering a sustainably brilliant and breathable cushion for your feet.

Recycled Rubber Sole

When it comes to the soles of the shoe, you can be sure they're natural too! And with our latest release FUSION we've been able to take sustainability one step further - manufacturing the sole out of 100% recycled natural rubber.

So when you're walking through the city wondering why your LØCI's feel so good, know it's because your kicks have been meticulously crafted using genuine organic materials that are already part of our planet. As we say at LØCI - sneakers are best when they leave no footprint.

Outer Detailing

We're so serious about leaving the planet better off than we came into it that even the eyelets of our sneakers are made from recycled brass. And the laces are recycled too - both waxed and non-waxed!

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