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Article: Sustainable LØCI: Why?

LOCI Business Card

Sustainable LØCI: Why?

Everybody cares about our planet we just don’t all talk about it – there are things that are going on and we are just too busy living it. But if you manage to sit down and think about you’d want to do you bit. Our biggest question at LØCI was how do we make it effortless for people to contribute positively or reduce a negative impact? How do we promote sustainability? There are so many ways we could impact it our diets, our modes of transportation and travel, the aerosol we choose. We decided to try and make an impact within fashion.

What if you could look fantastic and didn’t have to worry about contributing to landfill? What if we could use innovation in renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials to make unquestionably stylish clothing, footwear, and accessories? What if we could make them affordable to the masses and contribute positively to our environment.

LOCI Business Card

This is why LØCI was born – we were tired of watching on the side-lines and wanted to get involved. We don’t claim to have been here first, we don’t claim we are perfect, we just promise we are going to do our best. We are driven by ambition, we have a mission and we have a little bit of experience. Let’s see how far we can take this.

Our Materials

We want to do use innovative materials that don't negatively impact the planet and that fit into the category of sustainability.

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