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Article: The Smart Choice Is Sustainable

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The Smart Choice Is Sustainable

No doubt about it – green is the new black. Well we at LØCI believe it’s the way forward at least, not doubt we all need to pay more attention to how we treat the planet. Resources are finite and pollution can’t continue at its current rate. The time to act responsibly for the future generations is now. There’s more and more effort to move from the linear economy (take-make-dispose) to the circular economy (reduce-reuse-recycle). Sustainability is the key when it comes to manufactured goods. This applies to making things from new and unusual materials, as well as the way “traditional” materials are used in environmentally-friendly ways, through eco-design.

When it comes to lifestyle choices, fashionistas are paying attention to sustainability. A wealth of sustainable materials are on trend – marine leather made from fish skins, sneakers made from PET plastic, fruit made leathers.

Bamboo Forest

Marine leather is an example of transforming what would be waste (fish skins usually thrown away) into something useful and on fleak.

PET plastic is highly recyclable and a great way to turn your nose up at that horrible pollutant, single-use plastic. PET plastic can now be found in footwear – including trainers and ballet flats.

Empty Plastic Recycle Bottles

We had the reclaimed wood trend in furniture, now wood is making a statement in what we wear. While it’s become a bit trickier to work out whether bamboo fabric is truly sustainable, bamboo in its wooden form has been called 'the world's most renewable material'. Why not make use of that and look cool at the same time? Popping on a pair of bamboo shades or even bamboo regular eyeglasses signifies cool and conscientious.

In clothing, eco-design in the form of 3D knit, means that we can essentially use 3D scans of our bodies to create clothing that is individually tailored. This digitized knitting method takes a digital design and turns it into a piece of clothing. You can download a pattern from the internet, size it digitally to fit the wearer, then feed the machine with the yarn and let it get on with its job. So – now more being at the mercy of dodgy sizing in the stores!

Consumers are increasingly making eco-friendly choices. Not much could proclaim your endorsement of all that’s green more than literally outfitting yourself from head to toe in sustainable fashion. It’s not difficult to find fashionable products loudly and proudly advertising their eco-credentials.

Bald Woman Wearing Loci Black Vegan Sneakers

And it’s a smart choice for producers too. Whether it’s cutting down on their carbon emissions and waste in manufacturing, investing in green technologies or using sustainable materials, companies are safeguarding the environment while safeguarding (and boosting) profit.

We want to have a sustainable focus but not be too preachy, we all care obviously so just see us at LØCI as a comfortable reminder of that. We live to close that sustainable-style bridge.

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