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Article: Best Trainers for the Office


Best Trainers for the Office

Tired of wearing stiff, loafer-style shoes to the office that only give you endless blisters and destroys your precious toes? Need something smart and presentable that’s also flexible and won’t wreck your feet? We’ve got you covered.

Trainers are the most versatile footwear ever known. There - we said it! And, thankfully, times have changed where trainers are perfectly acceptable to wear to the office. Athletic trainers are no longer the only options. Now, there’s a huge range of different styles that will suit smart casual settings.

Keep reading to find out the best trainers to wear to the office and how you can wear them professionally.  

Why Wear Trainers to the Office?

Wearing trainers to the office creates a friendly and welcoming impression for colleagues and clients. They also make it easier to rush around from meeting to meeting and save time by cutting out the quick commute shoe change.

Trainers are a step in line with modern leadership and management which considers employees to be partners and colleagues in the company.


Smart Women’s Trainers for Work

Smart women’s vegan trainers pair extremely well with skirts, dresses and trousers, making them easy to wear and style with workwear. Our LØCI ORIGIN range features a clean, sleek aesthetic available in a variety of colour ways to suit your office looks.

Breathable, durable and made from recycled materials, these trainers are designed to withstand everyday use. Our latest release of the women’s ATOM and women’s NEO is a must-have in any work wardrobe.

Smart Men’s Trainers for Work

Men’s vegan trainers can also look smart enough for the office. Whether you wear black vegan trainers or white vegan trainers, they’ll pair well with a tailored suit, chinos and a shirt or even some smart black jeans for casual Fridays.

Functional yet stylish, men’s trainers for work will have you feeling light on your feet all day, and you won’t suffer the pains of formal work shoes at the end of the day. Our men’s NEO or men’s ATOM range will also help to inject some personality into your workwear while still looking sophisticated.

Are White Trainers Smart?

Absolutely! A pair of clean white trainers will always look fresh and smart for the office. Since they’re such a versatile colour, it’s easy to either dress them up and pair them with a tailored suit or dress them down with jeans and a classic t-shirt. 

You can’t go wrong. We’d recommend choosing a classic design that’s flexible in the styling department and will match most things in your work wardrobe.


How to Wear White Trainers With a Suit?

Wearing white trainers with a suit can create a sharp and professional yet relaxed look, helping any clients or colleagues to feel at ease while in a meeting. White trainers will also match well with any colour suit, from navy and grey to black and brown.

However, to pull off this look, the trainers will need to be in the best condition possible. A pair of crisp white trainers will create a good impression, while a pair of scuffed or marked trainers will end up looking careless. 

To ensure your trainers look as white as the day you bought them, you’ll first want to spray them with our trainer protection spray, which will keep them protected against water and stains and make them easier to clean. White trainers need cleaning more frequently, but the extra effort will be worth it.

Our trainer cleaner kit is simple to use and will bring back the whiteness of your trainers in an instant. Just dilute the solution in cold water and use the brush to remove any dirt before leaving them out to air dry. 

Style vs Comfort?

The beauty of wearing trainers to the office is that you don’t need to opt for either style or comfort - you can have the best of both!

To style your trainers for work, here are some tips:

  • Start with a neutral colour, like black, white or off-white, and then you can expand your collection.

  • Always make sure they are clean - no one wants to see scuffs and mud.

  • Pair them with a fitted suit so you’re sure to be boardroom-ready.

  • You can never go wrong with a casual ‘fit – Blazer, Chinos, T-shirt, and no socks; you can definitely ditch the midweek dress shirt.

  • No time and need a quick OOTD? A dress shirt and skinny trouser with your business casual trainers give you an excellent look and is quick and easy to pull together in the morning.

  • Heading out for some after-work drinks? Pair your trainers with a gorgeous summer dress.

  • A pencil skirt and structure top paired with trainers will give you a great blend of sporty but sophisticated.

While some old-fashioned corporations may still see trainers as something to only wear at home on the weekends, remember that the most prominent CEOs in the world have been known to wear trainers in their day-to-day working life, such as Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Wearing trainers to the office doesn’t make you any less professional or competent, so show up in style!

Check out our range of bestselling vegan trainers for women and bestselling vegan trainers for men.

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