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Article: What Trainers to wear with Dresses?


What Trainers to wear with Dresses?

Long gone are the days when only heels, sandals or flats were acceptable to wear with dresses. Now, we can keep it cool and casual with trainers. Effortlessly stylish trainers and dresses are the perfect everyday look all year round. 

But, if you’re new to this modern style and unsure of how to wear trainers with dresses, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered right here.

Summer dresses with Trainers

Trainers and jeans or trainers and shorts have always been a go-to outfit for the summer as it’s generally easy to style and doesn't need much thought. Throw on your favourite pair of high tops or low tops, and you’re good to go. 

The difference with trainers and summer dresses is that it isn’t a one-trainer-fits-all situation. With different dress styles, colours, fabrics and lengths, the trainers you choose to wear need to be carefully selected to achieve the best and most put-together look.


What Colour Trainers to Wear with Dresses

While the colour of your trainers with dresses depends entirely on personal preference, whether you’re someone who likes to stand out and wear bold, clashing colours together or if you’re a fan of chic neutrals, there are some colour combinations that will always work and never go out of style.

Trainers for White Dresses

The beauty of white dresses is that you have the freedom to wear any colour footwear you want. A pair of crisp white vegan trainers paired with a white dress is a clean and fashionable look that screams summertime is here. Grey and black monochrome style trainers also offer a chic look that contrasts well with white dresses, especially when paired with darker accessories such as a black or grey bag and some dark sunglasses.

Trainers for Red Dresses

For red dresses, beige or blush trainers work exceptionally well as it helps to make the red dress stand out. Of course, bright white trainers will pair well with red dresses and can give the look a fresh and youthful appeal. You could also wear white trainers with red accents for a more cohesive look. 


Trainers for Navy Dresses

Navy is a surprisingly versatile colour that can be worn with many other hues. Once again, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic white trainers. But, to mix it up and add an interesting pop of colour, some neon pink vegan trainers will create a contrasting yet complementary feminine edge. You could also wear trainers with pale blue accents for a smooth look that can help brighten up a dark dress for the summer.

Trainers for Black Dresses

Pairing a black dress with black vegan trainers can give a mistrial and stylish vibe to your appearance while also looking sophisticated. Black is a timeless colour, and black trainers are essential for every wardrobe. With black dresses, you can also wear contrasting white trainers if you want your footwear to pop or neon-coloured trainers for a funky edge.

What Trainers to Wear with Patterned Dresses

With patterned dresses, a pair of simple white, nude or black trainers, like those in our LØCI Origin collection, will keep the focus on the dress while still giving it a luxurious look and feel. You could also match the colour of your trainers with a colour within the patterned dress for a seamless flow. Or, for the ultimate spring and summer look, if you’re wearing a floral dress, choose a subtle floral trainer design.

What Trainers to Wear with Mini Dresses

For mini dresses, a pair of low-top trainers are best as these will make it look as though your legs are never-ending. However, high tops or baseball-style trainers can also work very well if you want a more casually cool look.

What Trainers to Wear with Maxi Dresses

With maxi dresses, some chunky trainers or high-top trainers work well as they can match the drama of a longer dress. Pairing larger style trainers with some bolder accessories, too, like a statement bag and a large belt, will instantly give you a stand-out summer outfit that everyone will admire.

To choose the perfect pair of trainers for your summer dress, check out our full range of stylish and conscious women’s vegan trainers.

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